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What is Aquatics PLUS+?

A customized H2O small group fitness experience with a spotlight on your health! These specialized sessions are designed to give you the individualized attention to aid in achieving your health and fitness goals.

A variety of sessions to choose from

Whatever aquatic exercise or practice you’re looking for; we have you covered! (All sessions are water based- proper swim attire is required)

  • A+ Barre 360
    • Low impact class that will incorporate sequence, patterns, and isometric movements to help improve full body strength, balance, flexibility, posture and functional movement.

  • A+ Box & Burn
    • High intensity cardio class that will incorporate kickboxing combinations while focusing on speed and endurance.

  • A+ Cardio X
    • High intensity interval training that will alternate short periods of intense movement and less-intense exercises. This class will focus on cardio and strength with the use of circuit style training.

  • A+ Step Trifecta
    • Mid to High level intensity that has stepping choreography combined with upper body resistance equipment to improve overall cardio, strength, balance and coordination.

Water Aerobics, Aqua Fit
Our services and a team of professionals will provide all the tools you need for a successful workout. We are passionate about ensuring self-improving and health-focused workout experiences for our members and guests.

Register for sessions NOW!


  • Members– Register through 
  • Non-Members– Register at the front desk
  • Registration will open 7 days prior to session start time.
  • Registration will close 24 hours prior to session time.

Aquatics PLUS+ Pricing

Per session and Package offerings…

Member PricingNon-Member Pricing
Member PricingPer Session $16Non-Member Pricing Per Session: $18
Member PricingPackage of 6 sessions: $90Non-Member Pricing Package of 6 sessions: $100

We’re Here to Help You Live Healthier