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Attentive Health and Wellness Services

Personal Training
Our team of expert personal trainers will help you set workout and fitness goals according to your needs and reach them by improving your skills and abilities.
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Our multi-lap lane pool offers ways to improve your health while enjoying the water. Our swim instructors teach private and semi-private swim lessons, including special classes for those recovering from injury or illness.
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Nutrition Services
You’ll work with our registered dietitian, Kelly Prian, to improve your diet and wellness. Kelly has the background and experience necessary to educate you on all things nutrition, allowing you to take control of your eating for a healthier lifestyle.
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We offer massage therapy that gets to the core of your tension, stress, and soreness, providing the ultimate release and relaxation.
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woman exercising at the gym with a personal trainer

Optimal Wellness Services for Your Needs

We’re happy to accommodate members’ needs through caring and attentive services based on medical research. Whatever your health goals are, we are sure to offer a service that will help you meet them.

senior woman with trainer

Wide Range of Wellness Services

Wellstar Fitness offers comprehensive health and wellness services. We understand the needs of our members and customize our services accordingly. We’ve earned a reputation for quality, medically-based benefits through years of experience and proven member satisfaction. The needs of our members are our top priority. No matter how complex your wellness goals are, we’ll provide the precise services you’ll need to meet them. You’ll carry the practices we teach throughout the rest of your life, ensuring health and happiness for years to come.

Experienced and Expert Health and Wellness

Whether you want to heal from an injury, improve on an existing skillset, and beyond, we provide a service right for you. When you schedule an appointment, our team of welcoming and experienced professionals will give you a thorough evaluation to determine the services best suited for your needs. We will customize the services based on what plans will benefit you the most. We are here to serve and guide you on your wellness journey from beginning to end.

We’re Here to Help You Live Healthier