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Water-Based Exercises

Experience the many benefits of water-based group exercise! Water aerobics offered at Health Place are suitable for all fitness levels. There are many advantages to aquatic exercise including built-in buoyancy allowing you to perform exercises you might find difficult on land. In addition, warm water can help improve flexibility and mobility. With the diverse classes offered here at Health Place, you will easily find a class that matches your unique needs!

ATTENTION: As of November 13th, 2022, the entire aquatic area of
our facility (Pool and Main Whirlpool) will be CLOSED for necessary replacement of the air ducts in the pool area. The air ducts provide both comfortable temperatures and air quality consistency. This project will require an extended closure however, we anticipate an exciting re-opening of the pool area in 2023! During this closure, we hope you will join us for temporary land versions of all aquatic class offerings- please find the schedule of these classes below.

Aquatic Group Exercise Schedule with Class Descriptions

*To sign up for Aquatic Group Exercise Classes, register online at

*Instructors subject to change.

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